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    More about using

    Post by [A]dmin on Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:54 pm

    More about using

    • is a very handy preposition and can cover a number of different meanings in English.
    • It can mean 'to' or 'at' when talking about directions:

      la Place de la Fontance, tournez gauche

      At the Fountain Square, turn (to the) left
    • is also used to talk about where you're going, meaning 'to':

      Hakim va Paris

      Hakim's going to Paris
    • Or it can describe where you are, meaning 'in' :

      Hakim est Paris

      Hakim's in Paris
    • can also describe what something is used for:

      une tasse th
      un verre vin

      a teacup (literally 'a cup for tea')
      a wine glass (literally 'a glass for wine')
    • You can also use to describe the style or way something is done.
      You'll see this a lot in recipes or names of popular dishes:

      Haricots la provenale
      Provencal-style beans (with tomatoes, olive oil and garlic)

      Cte de buf l'anglaise
      English style beef (on the bone)


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